Wilpac Industries

WilPac Industries

Built to last


Division of Will’s Welding

Wilpac Industries creates, builds and manufactures farm machinery, man baskets, railings, and all kinds of custom orders. We have a brake and a plasma table that is able to fabricate and create intricate designs for your custom order.

Farm Machinery

Wilpac Equipment is designed Rental Tough and Built to Last!

Wilpac has Landrollers, Aerators, Shear Harrows, Chain Harrows, Cattle Shutes, Trailers and More. All can be made to customer specifications. Some are premade and for sale.

Come in and see for yourself!

Outdoor Fire Pits

Spruce up your backyard with a custom made fire pit that will fit you and your family. With many designs that have been used before or you can bring in your own picture and we can make it into your dream fire pit.

Our plasma table is able to make intricate designs that make it one of a kind.

Man Baskets & Railings

We fabricate man baskets that are for sale and you can make your own design. Our man Baskets are from 1 or 2 man to larger.

We fabricate railings that are upon request for the customer. Different unique looks are able to be done.