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Introducing the Wilpac Heavy Chain Harrows, Your Ultimate Solution for Tough Terrain.

Designed to conquer even the most challenging landscapes, the Wilpac Heavy Chain Harrows are engineered for durability and performance. With hydraulic capabilities that seamlessly transition between transport mode and field readiness directly from your tractor, this harrow is a game-changer in agricultural machinery.

A standout feature of the Wildpack Heavy Harrows is its unparalleled adjustability. Whether you’re working with a 34′ harrow or need to switch over to the 14′ center section swiftly and effortlessly while seated comfortably in your tractor, this harrow offers unmatched versatility.

Available in a range of sizes to suit various needs, the Wilpac Heavy Chain Harrows are your go-to solution for efficient and effective land maintenance.


Revolutionize Your Soil Aeration with Wilpac’s Innovative 6” Aerator Teeth

Wilpac’s cutting-edge aerator teeth are meticulously crafted for optimal soil aeration results. Measuring 6” in length, these teeth are strategically welded at alternating angles to create a distinctive slashing effect as they penetrate the ground. This unique design not only enhances fracturing but also induces tearing, maximizing efficiency while minimizing material usage.

Constructed from high-quality 3/4” A425 wear-abrasive material, the teeth are engineered to withstand tough conditions and provide long-lasting performance. Their tapered shape ensures maximum penetration, allowing them to break through compacted soil with ease.

Available in a range of sizes to cater to diverse needs, Wilpac’s aerator teeth offer a superior solution for achieving enhanced soil health and productivity.


Elevate Your Land Management with the Wilpac 2-in-1 Shear-Harrow

Experience unmatched versatility and efficiency with the Wilpac 2-in-1 Shear-Harrow, a cutting-edge solution for your land maintenance needs. This innovative machine features a hydraulically raised ”Shear Bar” that can be easily adjusted to suit specific requirements, allowing for seamless operation in various terrain conditions.

Positioned approximately one inch above the ground, the shear bar first spreads out hilltops before the subsequent chain harrow follows behind to complete the task. Testimonials rave about its ability to level even the toughest sodded-over mounds, showcasing its exceptional performance and effectiveness.

Combining two essential functions in one machine, the Wildpac 2-in-1 Shear-Harrow offers double productivity without compromising on quality. Built with ”Rental toughness” in mind, this machine is engineered to withstand rigorous use and deliver consistent results.

Available in a range of sizes to accommodate different land management tasks, trust Wildpac’s 2-in-1 Shear-Harrow to elevate your soil preparation and leveling processes like never before.


Enhance Your Land Maintenance with the Wilpac Landroller

Effortlessly towed by a 1/2 ton truck, the Wildpac Landroller is a game-changer in land maintenance equipment. Featuring a durable 36-inch diameter drum that offers exceptional performance, this versatile tool can be filled with water for added weight when required.

Perfectly suited for acreages and oilfield reclamation projects, the Wildpack Landroller delivers superior results with every pass. Its optimal size strikes the ideal balance between efficiency and effectiveness, making it a must-have for various land management tasks.

Available in a range of sizes to accommodate different project needs, the Wilpac Landroller sets the standard for quality and reliability in soil compaction equipment. Elevate your land maintenance efforts with this top-of-the-line solution designed to streamline your operations effectively.

Man baskets

Elevate Your Work Safety with Customizable Man Baskets

Man baskets offer a secure and efficient way to elevate workers for various tasks at height, ensuring safety and productivity on the job site. With different sizes available, these versatile platforms can be tailored to meet specific project requirements.

Whether you need a compact man basket for confined spaces or a larger one for extensive reach, customization options allow you to optimize workflow and enhance accessibility in elevated work environments. Designed with quality materials and built to industry standards, man baskets provide a stable platform for personnel working at heights.

Invest in the safety of your team by choosing customizable man baskets that cater to diverse needs and ensure compliance with safety regulations. Enhance efficiency and peace of mind on your worksite with reliable man baskets designed for maximum performance.

fire pits.

If you’re looking to add a cozy and inviting element to your outdoor living space, a fire pit might just be the perfect addition.

And if you want to take it a step further and make it truly one-of-a-kind, our team can create a custom fire pit in any design you can imagine. From sleek and modern to rustic and charming, the possibilities are endless.

So gather around the fire with friends and family and enjoy the warmth and ambiance of your very own custom fire pit.


Are you in need of a trailer that’s tailored to your specific needs? Our custom fabrication services have got you covered.

Whether you’re looking for an ATV deck or trailer ramps, we can design and create a trailer that fits your exact requirements.

Plus, we also specialize in oilfield equipment trailers, so you can trust us to deliver a high-quality and reliable product. Don’t settle for a generic trailer that doesn’t quite meet your needs.

Contact us today to get started on your custom fabrication project.

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