Don’t Lease! Own your bottles!

Dealer since December 2015

 WeldWorld supplies a wide range of Pure gas and Mixed Gases for your convenience.

WeldWorld bottles DO NOT require a Lease. You BUY and OWN your bottle!

With a 1-time purchase of a bottle you only fill the contents as you need them.

We carry a full range of your welding and other gases

  • Oxygen

  • Acetylene

  • Argon

  • C – 25

  • C – 8

  • Helium

Bottles come in various sizes.
Please contact us for price and size in your choice of gas.

Weldworld not only sells welding gases but also all your welding supplies.

They offer brand name manufacturers, such as

  • Hobart
  • Miller
  • Esab
  • Bernard
  • Norton
  • Walter
  • and much more.

They provide safety gear, welding gear, welding rod, abrasives and Welders. 

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